Do I get a medal?

Yes, every finisher gets a medal in the post finish area.

Where are late registrations and changings possible?

The official registration deadline is August 19. Of course late registrations are possible at the bib number pick up in the AOK Building, Kasernenstr. 61 on Saturday Sep 1, from 1 to 7 pm and changings are possible also on race day from 9 am onwards.

When do I appear in the participant list? (Online)

When you registered before August 19 you should appear in the list. Your name is red if you didn´t pay, green if payment went through.

What distances are offered this year? 1,1 km – 2,2 km – 5 km – 10 km – half marathon

All courses are officially measured.

Refreshment Points:

– The 1,1 km and 2,2 km races have 1 water station – The 5 km und 10 km races have 2 water stations per lap – The half marathon every 4 km

What is offered?

At the water station you will find water an energy drinks, at the food station (for half marathon) you will find in addition bananas and coke.

Are toilettes available?

Toilettes are at the following points: at the start, at the Königsallee, at each water station and in the finish area.

When and where is the bib number distribution?

You can pick up your bib number on Saturday Sep 1, and Sunday Sep 2 in the AOK Building, Kasernenstr. 61. On Saturday between 1 and 7 pm and on Sunday from 9 am onwards.

Where do I get my finisher certificate?

You can download your finisher certificate from our website www.swd-koelauf.de on the evening after the race.

Where can I drop off my bag?

You can drop off your bag in the post finish area (Steinstrasse). Please use the bags that you get at the bib number pick up.

How much does the bag drop off cost?

It is free of charge. The bags must be picked up after the race before 5 pm.

What if I don´t get the medal?

If for some reason you didn´t get the medal, please come to the stage or email / call the office in the week after the race.

When are the results online?

The results will be online after 7 pm on race day. You can download them from our website: www.swd-koelauf.de


The B-Tag Timing-Chip is integrated in the bib number. Please do not fold it or remove it!