Register for the Stadtwerke Düsseldorf Kö-Lauf on September 4th 2016 right here. Fill out the following forms. You can use the “continue” and “back” button to switch between the different pages. Registration deadline is August 26th 2016.

To the registration

Please notice that the participants list will be updated gradually, you will therefore not be able to find yourself immediately after your registration.

Late registrations can be made at the Help Desk at the Görres Gymnasium on Saturday, September 3th . A late registration fee of 5 EUR will be charged.


Conditions for participation

I accept the following conditions with my registration:

1All pictures, film footage, interviews etc. taken surrounding the event can be used for radio, television, print-media, books, photomechanical duplication (films, videos, etc.), without consent.

2Information regarding title, first and last name, year of birth, club as well as your finishing time and starting number will be publicized in electronic and print media.

3The participant has the necessary fitness to participate in this running event. A medical examination hat taken place within the last year.

4The registration is only valid if organization fee is paid in full. A refund will not be given if you do not run at the race.


Operated correctly endurance represents one of the most effective ways to maintain health and performance into an elderly age. You want to participate in an endurance competition (5-10km)? Please go through the following GRR questions for health to ensure an optimal start and prevent a possible health hazard.

If you answered one or more questions with yes, we recommend a cardiology examination before initiating a regular exercise or competition activity.

Please note that the amount of training influences your fitness and health. For example, you show train at least 1 ½ to 2 years for a marathon.

We expect a high level of self-responsibility. Your health lays in your own hands, please take care of it carefully.

GRR-Question Catalogue for your Health